Trim X -axis details


I am currently setting up a dashboard in Kibana and my x-axis details are quite long

There are 20 such containers which are listed in the linear graph

Is there a way to display only confd, cosm-aaa as a name.

There is a truncate setting, but it wouldn't help you as you also want to strip off some of the beginning of the value.

Your request looks somewhat similar to this issue: it would be easier to implement for a set of custom ranges than for dynamic values.

Your best bet would be to alter your data ingestion so that you capture the field (or add ad additional field) so it only contains the unique name, and create your visualization using that field. You can also accomplish this with a painless scripted field, but aggregating on painless scripted fields is not as efficient.

@Stacey_Gammon could you please let me know if this option is available in 5.1.2 v of kibana?

Ah, no, sorry, the setting was introduced in version 5.4. Version 5.1.2 will still automatically truncate the labels but you don't have control as to the length.

@Stacey_Gammon so what would you suggest as an approach to execute the above scenario which i have

Can you adjust your data ingestion to pull out the unique value in that full path? If you can then you can use the new field which contains the unique part of that path in your visualization.

If using logstash, something like this might work:

@Stacey_Gammon iam using filebeat . Is this feasible using filebeat

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