TSVB - Top N - Item URL: keep time interval when link to other dashboard

This is a duplicate of this thread which was not answered.

I have TSVB top n visualization of host names and i'm using item URL feature to drilldown to more specific dashboard with the {{key}} place holder. However, I can't find in the documentation how to adapt the global filter to use the current time of the original dashboard (meaning when clicking on one of the rows the new dashboard always uses the last 15 minutes default).

the TSVB documentation only refers to key variables without mentioning what other placeholders can be used if any.


i don't think there are other place holders currently supported and its currently not possible to pass the time from the original dashboard. I think the best workaround would be to use lens visualization and put it on a dashboard and configure the drilldown there, which should allow you to pass the full dashboard context along.

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Thanks for your reply @ppisljar .
i'll check the possibility to use Lens.

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