TSVB Visualization Sum Aggregration

I am using the TSVB Visualization to calculate the sum of CPU and memory assigned to the number of virtual machines. When I change the timestamp from the last 24 hours to the last 48 hours, the sum becomes double. But ideally, it should not be doubled.
Here are the screenshots for your reference.
Last 48 hours:

Last 24 hours:

Is there any way to fix this problem?

having no insight about your data, maybe an average instead of a sum would give you the result you want?

Hi Graham,
I want to visualize the total sum of CPU assigned to all virtual machines as an overview. Then after applying the filter to a particular virtual machine, it should show the respective values.

My requirement is to disassociate the timestamp to this visualization. Is there any way out?

Still shooting blind :slight_smile: - Maybe try "last value" in Lens (it's called "top hits" in TSVB) which will return the last value of this based on the timestamp instead of summing what I assume is metric data?

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