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I created this TVSB - Top N visualization, and I was wondering how I can have it be "filterable". Normally with a lens, I can click on the visualization, and it would apply the filter based on the selection. But with Top N, it doesn't.

Here's my configuration, just a simple count (I know this can be converted to lens, but I prefer the look of this visualization)
I want to be able to click on the bar or field value (like PoweredOn) and apply that filter to the dashboard.


Hi @erikg

There are 2 places to filter

First if you click on that options right next to metrics... that will filter for that metric

2nd if you want the entire panel filter Click on Panel Options

Hey Stephen,

Thanks, but I might be confusing you. I believe what you are showing me is how to filter the data within the visualization.

What I am looking for is to apply a filter from the visualization to the dashboard.
Like in lens, you can click on "PoweredOn" and it will filter the whole dashboard based on that click.
In Top N, I can't click on "PoweredOn"

Yes I understand now...

Interesting TSVB Top-N used to automatically do the filter when clicked on... that seems to not be available.... at this point / anymore... There has been some pretty significant under the cover changes to dashboarding... perhaps that got deprecated. TSVB is not really under active development any more.

You could create a drill down.. that will work but be a bit clunk as the whole page will reload...

I will poke around a bit....

What version are you on... I am on 8.11.3

My Lens version looks very nice and the click works automatically
(BTW I am a long time TSVB user, but I am slowly moving more to Lens)
This Top-N actually looks pretty nice... perhaps even nicer with the values in the bars

Hey Stephen, thanks for looking into it.

I am using 8.11.3 as well.
I did prefer the TVSB but this will do, I should be moving towards Lens anyways.


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