Tweaking autocompleteTerminateAfter

Hey there,

I've been using controls for my kibana 7.14 dashboard.
I'm wondering if there is a way to tweak the autocompleteTerminateAfter, like an "autocompleteTerminateBefore" ? Let me explain:

My documents look like this:

    type: "a"

For years I've stored documents of type a an b. Only recently type c documents appeared. Even setting autocompleteTerminateAfter to 10000000 does not reach records with type c, so c does not appear in my control.

Searching with descending order, i'd have my 3 types within a few hundred records... does anybody know a way to achieve something similar ?

I tried my best to explain my point, if anything is not clear tell me !

Looks like you asked this question twice, Reverse the autocompleteTerminateAfter parameter?. Please refrain from asking the same question multiple times and provide some time for the opportunity to answer.

Right, the message was considered a spam for almost a day and did not appear, so i reposted it ... sorry for that !

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