Two elastic servers with one Kibana dashboard

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I have a requirement:
i need two elastic servers and two logstash to be setup on two unix boxes (unix box1 and unix box2).

My kibana will be setup in unix box1.

I need kibana to show the data/logs from both unix box 1 and unix box 2.

My question:
How to configure elasticservers in a way that ,kibana shows the data of both the logs stored by elastic server1 and elastic server2.

Please let me know the steps, if anyone tired this approach.

Thanks in advance.

(David Pilato) #2

You can have 2 elasticsearch nodes part of the same elasticsearch cluster.
Kibana connects to a cluster.

(shiva) #3

Is this the correct configuration. Can you please let me know.

cluster-name : ESCluster
Node-name : ES1
node.master: true true
node.ingest: false
http.port: 9200 ["",""]


cluster-name : ESCluster 1: ES2
node.master: false true
node.ingest: false
http.port: 9200 ["",""]

if i setup the same in my local then can i cahgne the network host to "localhost" and port to "unused port 1" to elasticserver1 and "unused port2" to elastic server 2 and ["localhost:port1","localhost:port2"]

(David Pilato) #4

Yes. That sounds all correct

(shiva) #5

Yes with the above configuration i was able to set up two elastic servers with one kibana dashboard.

Thanks David for quick reply.

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