UI for adding, updating and remove entries into elasticsearch

Hello everyone,

like the title says I am looking for a simple way that my users can enter, delete and update entries in Elasticsearch and I have found a few things like Conveyor and Dejavu but none of them are exactly what I am looking for. does anyone know of a project that does this or is this something that only I have thought about?

I know there have been talks about this and the opportunity of it, but for now there is no project being worked on that does it. This only what I'm aware of. There might be outside plugins in the works that do this, but I don't know any.

This is something I would be very interested in. right now I am using the elastic stack for syslog and netflow but I would like to expand into other areas but my users do not like the curls. I like dejavu but I would prefer something in Kibana

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