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We have an existing MySQL based application which has data over several years. We have created meaningful SQL queries (i.e. join/flatten the data) and indexed that data into elasticsearch. And we want to offer this data for free-form or structured search to our users.

I chose to use Kibana (v7.4.2 currently) data tables to display the search results. See attached screenshots - the 3 visible tables are aggregations of the data on 3 different parameters which are meaningful for us - there are more visualizations below these 3 tables.

One challenge I face is the scrollbars that appears and disappear based on the search results. It gives a feeling of an unprofessional GUI. If I choose a large height for the visualization on the dashboard - I end up with too much whitespace lots of times. Too little height and there is a scrollbar most of the times. I haven't found a good balance since our data has single line text as well several lines text.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas to build a search UI using Kibana? A dynamically adapting data-table would be nice but Kibana's dashboard is fundamentally built around fixed areas for each widget.

I think this would be a good feature request for Kibana. Right now, the dashboard doesn't allow for panel height to be dynamically calculated based on the size of the content in the panel. Maybe that could be an option for the dashboard. Saved search panels are embeddable in other apps as well, so a solution wouldn't just be limited to Dashboard options.

Done - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/54326

Any idea on how I can use Kibana or the elastic stack for my use case more effectively until then?

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