Unable to access Kibana with 500 Internal Server Error

Elastic Cloud version 7.17.6.
After I deleted these indices, I could not access to Kibana or Elasticsearch in Elastic Cloud.


If I access Kibana, the page would be like this and it is the same situation even if I restart the deployment.

What should I do to fix this?

You might need to create a Support issue for this one.

Thanks for the early reply. I'll do that.

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Hello There!
I am really curious why did you delete those:

What was the reason to do that?

Elasticsearch deprecation logs said it is deprecated to direct access to system indices in the future version, and I misunderstood I should delete those indices before upgrading the deployment to v8.

I had been investigating the message of "Your changes cannot be applied" on upgrade popup of Elastic Cloud.

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That doesn't mean you should delete them!

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