Unable to browse another index pattern

Documents have been indexed and I see the index-pattern in elasticsearch via a direct search to the .kibana index. When in Discover, I keep seeing "loading default index pattern" in the web console/debugger regardless of the index pattern I select. I verified that the index pattern's timestamp field (@timestamp) is present in my events. This line is the closest I've come to debugging. How it's getting there when I choose another index pattern is beyond my skills. Perhaps not a kibana issue...

One difference between the documents in this index pattern is they are indexed directly to elasticsearch instead of going through logstash, so maybe not a kibana issue. The @timestamp's look valid when querying elasticsearch directly. The mapping for @timestamp is:

"@timestamp" : {
    "type" : "date",
    "format" : "strict_date_optional_time||epoch_millis"

Fields are showing as indexed in the index pattern settings. Any ideas on what else I should check? This is elasticsearch 2.0 and kibana 4.2.

Curious - Did you ever resolve the issue? It shouldn't matter whether data is loaded through LS or directly into ES.

Thanks for following up. I just now figured out what I did wrong: the query_string filter was failing because I disabled _all and did not specify an index.query.default_field.

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