Unable to change the INTERVAL part of the monitor using update monitor API

Hi I am pretty new to Elasticsearch, trying to setup monitors on certain indexes based on the Extraction Query response. I am trying to achieve this using Create/Update monitor APIs. Everything works as expected except one where the INTERVAL is still showing as 1 MINUTES where as I passed different CRON expression or INTERVALS. Defaults to INTERVAL 1 MINUTES is causing too many alerts. Can any one please help me on how to address this default INTERVAL issue?

Would appreciate your help!

  "type": "monitor",
  "name": "MONITOR_NAME",
  "enabled": true,
  **"schedule": {**
**    "period": {**
**      "interval": 720,**
**      "unit": "MINUTES"**
**    }**
**  },**

Attached the screen shots representing the issue

Hi @N_Pusapati
Welcome to the Elastic community :slight_smile:

Looking at your configuration above I believe you're not in fact using Elastic's Alerting framework, but rather Amazon's OpenSearch.
This is not the Elastic distribution of Kibana, but rather an Amazon specific product (see the differences here ). We, unfortunately, cannot offer support for Amazon's distribution, so you may have better luck asking in their forums.

It's also worth noting that we do have an alerting feature as part of our distribution as well, which we are happy to offer support for: https://www.elastic.co/what-is/kibana-alerting

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