WARN log in Elasticsearch every time i enable refresh interval in Kibana


Since I upgraded my cluster to version 7.2.0 I've been seeing this log in Elasticsearch every time I enabled refresh interval in Kibana.

[interval] on [date_histogram] is deprecated, use [fixed_interval] or [calendar_interval] in the future.

Does anyone have a clue whats going on here? I've been googling the issue and I cant really find a fix. I see some changes in the code but I can't make heads or tails on how to fix it.

My config for both Elastic and Kibana are very standard, I've been looking at some examples to try to find out if this is related to config. If you think this is related to my config I'll happily post it.

Yeah. That's something Kibana needs to fix in the next versions.

But how can this be released with this error spamming the logs? Seems like this did not properly go through testing.... I mean the log is telling me to use fixed_interval or calendar_interval. How do i switch to fixed_interval from interval?

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This indeed is very annoying, the logs are spammed way too much with this warning.
This fix won't even make it into 7.3?

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