Unable to connect port http://localhost:9200 in IE11

HI everyone,

I stared the elasticsearch 2.4.3 in command prompt in windows it is up and running but when i accessed it through its port (http://locahost:9200) in Internet Explorer 11 it is showing error like this..

Try may be with

Also share your elasticsearch logs so we can have a better idea.

If you have a proxy, make sure you are not using it for local addresses.

Thanks for your help.But whenever i give the http://localhost:9200 in IE 11 it is not showing the json display in a page rather it is asking to open or save it .

In chrome i can able to view like this..

So, how can i able to get this in IE 11??

No idea. Apart what I already suggested around proxy settings. It's here à IE question I think.

no probs..

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