Unable to enable security on elk instance using puppet

I currently have a puppet configuration of the elasticsearch and kibana, however I cannot get security to enable so I can setup users and then enable the logstash. When I enable the securty it still allows me into the UI without prompting and does not restrict any data.. Under management I do not even see a security option to manage users and roles.

class { 'elastic_stack::repo':
version => 7,

class { 'elasticsearch':
config => {
'xpack.security.enabled' => true,
elasticsearch::instance { 'elk-prod01': }

class { 'kibana':
oss => true,
config => {
'server.port' => '8443',
'server.host' => "$hostname",
'server.ssl.certificate' => "/opt/ssl_certs_public/data/$hostname.lib.crt",
'server.ssl.key' => "/opt/ssl_certs_public/data/$hostname.lib.key",
'server.ssl.enabled' => true,
'logging.dest' => '/var/log/kibana/kibana.log',
'elasticsearch.username' => "kibana",
'elasticsearch.password' => "*********",
ensure => latest,

been doing some digging and it seems elastic search's xpack is disabled still for some reason even though the yaml says to enable it.

I figured out the cause the elastic/elasticsearch puppet module is not placing the elasticserarch.yml file in /etc/elsaticsearch, but in the subdirectory . The service does not appear to be using the proper instance file.

To finish this up I had to add

security_plugin => 'x-pack',

to the elasticsearch class. Sorry for the post.

Hey @Thaylin, welcome to the discussion boards.

Thanks for following up with your solution! This will help others in the future who might come across this.

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