Unable to fetch mapping debian server



I have installed ELK in a debian server and I have this issue when I´m trying to index my data.

I have read many solutions and I tried the majority of the solutions.

I tried to change the ES port and doesnt work.
I tested this configuration in my personal computer (windows) and works..

Can anybody help me?
Thanks in advance

(Ganesh) #2

can you share your logstash file here?


I found the error, the problem was in the kibana.yml config file. The only that I did is uncomment this line

elasticsearch.url: "http://*********:9200"

(Mark Walkom) #5

Given your server is open to the internet, you may want to edit that last post and remove your IP.

Also, don't expose your ES cluster to the internet.


Thanks! Was a mistake! =S

(Mark Walkom) #7

It's always a mistake to place services on the internet without protection!

(system) #8