Unable to find usable node.js executable on ppc64le

When i try to run kibana on ppc64le it gives me this

[root@p006vm32 kibana]# docker run -it kibana:7.6.0
unable to find usable node.js executable.

I have built kibana:7.6.0 image using centos:7 as the base image

FROM centos:7 AS prep_files
COPY --from=prep_files --chown=1000:0 /usr/share/kibana /usr/share/kibana
COPY --chown=1000:0 bin/kibana-docker /usr/local/bin/
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/bin/dumb-init", "--"]
CMD ["/usr/local/bin/kibana-docker"]

Any leads will be appreciated. Thank you.

Elastic offers official docker builds for Kibana that should be usable out of the box - https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/docker.html

Is it possible for you to use those instead?

Those are x86 images and are not supported on power. Is there any other way?

@aishwaryabk we ship the node binary for each platform within the kibana distributable in the folder KIBANA_ROOT/node. In order to get it run in the platform you want to, when building your image you need to replace the contents of the node folder with the ones that you can download here https://nodejs.org/download/release/latest-v10.x/node-v10.19.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz

Hope that helps

Do you mind sharing why you're interested in running on POWER?

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