Unable to implement "known Plugin" 'percent' in Kibana 5.0.0

Hey everyone, I would like to implement and use the 'percent' plugin in kibana, but always get the Error: Cannot relove module 'metric_percent_vis' in 'kibana.entry.js' 29:0-55 (of course there is a path with every data).

First I thought it might be the path but it isn't, I tried to fix line 29 in 'kibana.entry.js' but its created everytime kibana starts so thats not the problme eather.

I researched for almost a week without any result, maybe anyone can help me ?!

Which percent plugin are you trying to use?

What is your end goal? Perhaps you can solve it without the plugin by using field formats? You can also use a painless scripted field if you require a more custom calculation, along with a field formatter.

My actually goal is a visualisation to compare two fields by there values and show how many percent concur and how many don't. I'd like to have this as a 'global' visualisation, already tried Scripted Fields but they're to field-specific.

Its the Percent plugin from elastic.

I'm guessing that the issue is in your plugin definition (probably metric_percent_vis/index.js). Check that your uiExports.visTypes definition looks something like this:

// metric_percent_vis/index.js
export default function (kibana) {
  return new kibana.Plugin({
    id: 'metric_percent_vis',
    uiExports: {
      visTypes: [
        // this will cause `metric_percent_vis/public/metric_percent_vis.js` to
        // be loaded by Kibana and any other plugin that uses visTypes.

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