Unable to install sample Web Logs data set in strigo lab for Practice Exam

Course: Elastic Certified Analyst
Version: which version of what ? the class ? elastic lab ?
Question: My lab will not load the sample Web Logs data for the Certified Elastic Analyst Practice Exam. I receive an error stating "Unable to install sample data set: Sample web logs. Internal Server Error".
Someone from Elastic already reset my lab environment but the error/problem persists. I cannot finish

Hi @Matthew_G_Roux, thanks for the report!

There was one issue on our side. I fixed that and replaced your environment.

Please let us know if the error persists.


Hi Andre,

Appreciate the assist. The Sample Logs data is working now, but unfortunately something broke with the Course Labs Instructions :frowning: . So while I can now access the lab data properly, I have no instructions to follow :confused: The strigo environment seems to load ok, and I can pull up the Exam Instructions page, but I get a very basic '404 Not Found' error when trying to Launch Labs Instructions. Can you please take a look ? Thx.

Please try the Practice Exam link at the top and you should be able to visualize the practice exam instructions:


Tried, same problem.

Please try the refresh button at the bottom:


Looks like that worked. Will continue to use that workaround. Thanks.