Unable to load beat dashboard with Beats

Hi all,
using full stack on version 7.4 I'm not able to load the dashboard on Kibana using Winlogbeat.

I have specified this section in my winlogbeat.yml

============================== Dashboards =====================================
setup.dashboards.enabled: true
setup.dashboards.retry.enabled: true
setup.dashboards.retry.interval: 3600
setup.dashboards.retry.maximum: 2
setup.dashboards.index: "test-*"

but the loaded dashboard is the standard one (winlogbeat-dashboard-ecs) that is searching for winlogbeat-* index pattern.
I'm not understanding the reason.

Edit:If I change the default dashboard of winlogbeat using my custom index pattern, I face the error "index pattern not found". But I have already created it

hi guys,
I have found the issue.
By default, Winlogbeat will import an index-pattern that is saved in ES with id: winlogbeat-*

If we create a custom index-pattern, it will have a string id (for instance: 198c7490-f961-11e9-8539-97cbd7887a2d). That string must be replaced into the standard Winlogbeat-overview.json

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