Unable to use Role-based access control when updating license from trial to basic license


My present scenario is that I'm using ELK on a linux machine. Upon upgrading my expired trial license to a basic one, i'm unable to use Role-based access control (which is normally in the Platinum version) in kibana. That is, I cannot hereafter create users with different roles.

I understand that the Role-based access control functionality is set up on the security path of X-pack. So I inserted this configuration : xpack.security.enabled: true in the yaml files of elastic and kibana, and lastly I restarted both tools.
Upon start of kibana, I still cant use the Role based access control.

Command use to check if xpack is installed:


Could you please suggest how i can regain this functionality?


Security is not covered by the Basic license, and does as shown here require a commercial license.

Hi Christian,

Is there any way to revert back to the trial license so as to obtain the Security other than subscribing to a platinum license.


The trial license has a limited duration. After that has expired a commercial license is required.

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