Unable to view docs in dataview (w/timestamp field) after doc update

I'm inserting docs to an index. There's a created_at field that I use in the dataview for time filtering. After initial doc inserts I can see all the docs in Kibana in my data view. I'm then needing to update docs so using the update API (from dev tools or elasticsearch-py) once I update a doc I no longer can find it in search for my dataview with time filtering. Here's what I'm trying

  • my_dataview - I've set this data view up with a timefilter using created_at field
  • my_dataview_no_filter - I've set this data view up with no timefilter

In Discover, I'm able to see see all the indexed records for both data views

Dev Tools

post my-index/_update/123
  "doc": {"name": "newfield"}

That is taken from the _updateAPI docs page

If I then try to search for that document in Discover after doing an update I can find the doc using my_dataview_no_filter but the doc is no where to be found when using my_dataview

If I do a get my-index/123 I get the updated doc back. The created_at field hasn't been changed.

What am I missing? Why can't I find the doc in my time filtered dataview? I'm so confused, please help

Hi @petersedivec,

It could be that the currently selected time range on Discover page (in the top nav) is excluding this document. Extending it might help.

@jughosta - thanks for the thought, the doc is from May 11th and I've set it to past 30, 90 days and 1yr. I should have mentioned that already. I wish that's what it was

Is it the same issue when searched for documents via Dev Tools?

Haven't tried using the search api in we tools but will give that a try.

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