Unable to Visualize Certain Nested Fields

I have the following nested data in my index:

But when I try to visualize it, it doesn't find it:

I was wondering if I was doing something wrong? Is there a way to fix this?

Hi @planetracer,

could you post the mapping of your index and the actual request and response your example visualization is creating here? You can get the request and response by clicking the "Inspect" button in the menu and selecting "Requests" in the top right of the flyout.

Of course!

This is the request:

The response is fairly long, so I just included the part with individual-package-categories:

The mapping is also long, so I included the part with individual-package-categories as well:

@planetracer It looks like this is request and response of the search in discover, not the visualization. Could you add request and response of the visualization?

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Sorry about that! Here it is:

I was wondering where I'm going wrong with this?

Kibana does not support aggregation on nested fields
Check this link https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/7.4/nested-objects.html
Github issue : https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/1084

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@ylasri is right about that. If you don't care about the relationship between an activity and its duration within a single document, you can consider not using nested objects here (with some pitfalls - e.g. you won't be able to get the duration for a single activity or split by activity). Another option would be to de-normalize and ingest each activity as a single document.

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