Updating document in elasticsearch

After updating document its creating new row rather than updating in same row

Doc_id|| EmpID || Name || Age || Salary || Salary credited || Active

xxxxx || 10001 || John || 30 || 20000 || - || -
xxxxx || 10002 || Peter || 29 || 23000 || - || -

SalaryCredited = 'Yes' and Active = 'Y'
SalaryCredited = 'No' and Active = 'N'
need to update Salary credited =yes and Active =Y in same row

How did you attempt to send the update?

POST employee/_update/9JjTen4BEdR7uiPQF89g
"doc": {
"Salary credited" : "no",
"Active" : "no"

i used this

That is correct. Can you show me the results you're seeing including the _id field?


Yes that is correct i got that one from youtube

Can you show me the documents you're seeing, including their _id field?


thanks for the screenshot. What do you see if you run that update again? Maybe you can change something like the name just to see it reflected in the output.

Hi Matthew Kime

Hello @Aniketvk008 - Are you still working on this? Have you made any progress? I was awaiting a response to my last question.


Hi @mattkime how to copy dashboard from kibana without overwriting the existing object(dashboard)
in same machine

Which version of the elastic stack are you running?

There's a 'save as' option near the top of the screen which will prompt you for a new name for a duplicate copy of the dashboard.

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