Upgrade advice

Hi all,

I want to upgrade my cluster from 6.2.4 to 6.5.4 (latest version)

Below are the components:

  • 1 master node
  • 1 data node
  • 1 kibana node
  • 1 elastalert engine
  • 1 kafka node (Kafka version kafka_2.11)
  • 2 logstash nodes

Data flow:

  • Logstash1 is collecting data in CEF format from endpoints. Producing the data to Kafka.
  • Logstash2 is consuming data from Kafka. Sending to Elasticsearch.
  • Kibana is having multiple dashboards for all log sources.
  • Elastalert is querying the data continuously for the configured rules.

My approach:
According to Elastic Support Matrix, 6.2.4 logstash supports the 6.5.4 version of Elasticsearch. So i am not gonna update logstash for now. Maybe, i'll update it in future, as using old versions reduces the functionality.

So, in this small architecture, I'll do below:


  • Stop Logstash2 (Logs are being saved in topics till the time it updates) to prevent data loss when Elasticsearch would not be available to receive data.
  • Stop Kibana
  • Stop data node
  • Stop master node


  • Update Elasticsearch on master node
  • update Elasticsearch on data node
  • Update Kibana


  • Start master node
  • Start data node
  • Start Logstash2
  • Start Kibana node

Please help me with below questions:

  • Is this approach good for this architecture?
  • Does this upgradation affects the data in the cluster (i.e.dashboards, elastalert rules, kibana objects etc.) ?
  • Do I need to upgrade Kafka too?
  • What are the recommended steps to upgrade such cluster?

Thanks in advance.

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