ELK upgrade guide


is there a guide to upgrade the entire ELK stack

what component should be upgrade first ?
kibana, logstash or elastic search

does anyone know of a script or similar that lists the commands needed to perform the individual component upgrade.

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what component should be upgrade first ?

That depends on what dependencies each software component has. For example, a new Kibana release might require a newer Elasticsearch so then you'd have to upgrade ES first. The release notes should include such information.

thanks for the quick reply,

it took a look at the notes as you suggested

im running 1.7.3 ES and want to go to newest version of all components on a single instance

on the same host i have a kibana 4.1.2

and a logstash version 1.5.4

would lifting ES to newest followed by Logstash upgrade and finally doing the kibana work?

I can cant see anything specific regarding dependencies in the logstash 2.2.2 release notes. is this correct?

As long as you use HTTP for the communication with ES I believe Logstash runs fine with any 1.0+ version of Elasticsearch (maybe even earlier).