Upgrade Assistant - Scripting settings - from 5.6 to 6.x

Elasticsearch version: 5.6

We are trying to upgrade our cluster from ES 5.6 to ES 6.x (currently hosted on ElasticCloud) and we are using the Upgrade Assistant in the Management section of Kibana.
We have managed to solve all issues highlighted by the Cluster checkup, except for one:

Details: [node[instance-0000000022] used these script-security settings:[script.inline, script.stored, 
script.file, script.engine.painless.inline, script.engine.expression.inline, script.engine.mustache.inline]]

Looking at the documentation I find the following piece concerning updates for scripting settings:

All of the existing scripting security settings have been removed. Instead they are replaced with script.allowed_types and script.allowed_contexts.
The setting script.max_compilations_per_minute has been replaced with script.max_compilation_rate, which consists of a rate and a time value, for example 75/5m

but it is not clear how to address this compatibility issue. Has anyone been through the same process facing our current problem?

I'm running into the same issue. Were you able to resolve it?

Not yet, I am waiting for help but answers have not come so far.

Were you able to get any help on this issue? I'm still trying to fix it myself.

Does this help? https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/modules-scripting-security.html#allowed-script-types-setting

Unfortunately that hasn't helped. I'm running on Elastic cloud, and I've tried several permutations of the options that are exposed in the UI, but none seem to work. I see that the documentation says those settings are deprecated, but should I'm not sure how I should go about converting to the new settings or at least unsetting the old settings.

Hi @MorganRIch

Cloud automatically sets the right scripting params for the right version, so you can safely ignore that warning and proceed with the upgrade.

(We'll have a look into why the upgrade assistant doesn't know to ignore that setting for Cloud, but regardless you can carry on)


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Thank you!!

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