Upgrade Elastic Stack 7.15.1 to 7.17.10

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I need to perform a backup Data KIBANA : tenants-spaces-Index pattern-alias-dashboard -visualisation before upgrade to Elastic version 7.17.10. when i getting issue on upgrade i can restore DATA.

how to do this backup.

Thanks for help and recommandation

Hello @SAMY-ELK,

To back up the data of the cluster running 7.15.1, you can create a snapshot and restore it to the cluster running 7.17.10.

Hello Priscilla,

Thanks for your reply.

This snapshot created before upgrade, contain all data Elastic : Indices-Tenants-spaces-Index pattern-alias-dashboard -visualisation ?

i need to restore this snapshot after upgrade.


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By default, a snapshot of a cluster contains the cluster state, all data streams, and all open indices, including system indices. All Kibana state is saved in the .kibana index, so you can snapshot/restore.

To manage Kibana saved objects, including dashboards and visualizations, you can use the Saved objects API. You can export all index pattern saved objects with the Export saved objects API.

After creating the snapshot, you can upgrade it and then restore. Note: Snapshots aren't tied to a particular cluster or cluster name, so you can create a snapshot in one cluster and restore it in another cluster.

Hello Priscilla,

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I will try to test this solution.


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Sure, you're welcome!

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