Upgrade Kibana Index to Kibana 6

We are running a cluster of elastic search 2.3.3 we have kibana version 4.5.1
.Kibana index was created in 1.1. We have another seperate cluster running elastic search 6.3 and kibana 6.3 we want to migrate our reports. How can we do that?

See if this helps: https://www.elastic.co/webinars/upgrading-your-elastic-stack

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Thats for the reply according to Documentation it the indices should be reindexed. I have reindexed it 2.3 then i have taken the snapshot of that index to restore in es 5.6 as indices created in 2.3 should work in es 5.6. I tried to restore it in 5.6 it showed the same error as it showed before that it should be reindexed in 2.x

Maybe it needs to be done in 2.4? That is the latest of 2.x.

yea its 2.4! Its written that its the only version that works both with 5.6 and 2.x indices. Still not working.

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