Upgrade to 6.0 with basic license

I'm on 5.6.3 and the upgrade assistant is telling me to reindex .watches and .triggered_watches - but this fails with "current license is non-compliant for [watcher]".

.triggered_watches I just deleted, but .watches index fails with "error": "This endpoint is not supported for DELETE on .watches index.".

Any tips on what to do with the .watches index so I can upgrade?

I got a similar problem (not able to delete the .watches index). I ended up with a nasty workaround by removing in data dir the directory corresponding to the .watches index.

Not ideal but at least it worked for me.

cc @spinscale

Thanks, I guess I'll have to do that. But this makes the upgrade process for the basic license holders a bit messy...

I agree. I believe we should allow removing .watcher old indices when the watcher is disabled which is what is happening with the basic license.

@spinscale WDYT?

I opened an internal issue BTW about this.

Any other solution for this issue except for deleting folders?

You can run

DELETE .watches*

This is a nicer solution - you just have to make sure that action.destructive_requires_name: true is not set in your config file (I just commented it out for the delete).

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