As part of elastic upgrade prerequisite deleted .reindexed-v6-watches-6 all watchers are gone

Hi All,

We're currently on Elastic 7.17 and are preparing to upgrade to version 8.6.

As part of the upgrade process, we were reviewing the breaking changes, specifically in relation to the indices created in version 6.

Unfortunately, during this process, .reindexed-v6-watches-6 and .reindexed-v6-kibana-6index were deleted. Regrettably, this resulted in the loss of all our production watchers.

Regretfully, we don't have a snapshot of the index either. Is there any possibility of recovering these watchers at this point?

Your assistance is immensely valued.

Anusha K

No, if you have lost the indices and don't have snapshots your watchers are gone.

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