Use case Kibana Alerts vs Watcher


As I read from document, Kibana Alerts and watcher are both used to detect conditions and can trigger actions in response.

As they offer similar function, would there use cases that can share for using either one of the alerting mechanisms? i.e. the benefit or reason, pros and cons for fitting certain use case.

Alerting | Kibana Guide [8.4] | Elastic

Thank you

@vwong You are correct that Kibana Alerting and Watcher offer similar functionality. Under the hood, Watcher runs in Elasticsearch and Kibana Alerting runs in Kibana. While Watcher is being maintained, we are no longer adding new features to it and future alerting enhancements will only be made to Kibana Alerting. As such, we would recommend using Kibana Alerting :slight_smile:

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