Use dates in the Y-axis

Hello all,

I hope that I don't make a mistake and that the topic is not opened somewhere.

I want to use dates in Y-axis, and add the start time (in HH:mm:ss format) and the end time (same format) to show the tendency of batch in this axis.
These fields are in date format, not number.

On the X-axis, it's just a date histogram by day.

I don't know what kind of aggregation I need to use (Max and Min are the only choices that allow me to show time, but it's completely wrong.

Could you help me ?


Could you provide a sample of your documents as well as some sort of sketch or screenshot of what you're trying to accomplish?

I have this kind of data in my discover part :

I want to use the EndTimeBatch and the StartTimeBatch in my Y-axis, and in the X-axis, the standard date histogram by day.

At final, the graph looks like that :

But I don't find how to use date in the Y-axis.

I hope my answer is more clear.


What type do you have mapped for StartTimeBatch and EndTimeBatch?

Hello I have the exact same need. I want to check the tendencies of our nightly batches. I guess I could transform the time part of my @timestamps into a number of seconds since midnight but it won't be really readable.
any idea ?
thank you.

The type of StartTimeBatch and EndTimeBatch is "date".
I thought to transform in seconds, into a number format, but the legend of the Y-axis is not easily readable (you have seconds, not HH:mm:ss).

Maybe it's possible to transform on this format with the JSON Input in the advances option.


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