Use DiscoverGridFlyout of discover-plugin in custom plugin


I am developing a custom Kibana plugin in React.

I want to use the DiscoverGridFlyout within the Discover plugin inside my plugin. I found this Github feature link for the same ([Discover] Extract DiscoverGridFlyout from DiscoverGrid component · Issue #144154 · elastic/kibana · GitHub).

But I donot know how to use it within the plugin. Did not find it being exported by discover-plugin/public or discover-plugin/common.


Hi @Sheereen,

We are working on making it possible to integrate Discover Doc Flyout into other pages/plugins. The mentioned link is one of the first changes that needed to happen for that but it's not all.

Please use the following link for tracking the progress:


Thanks Julia for your fast response and clarification :smiley:

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