Use Solr instead of ElasticSearch

I already configured the process, Filebeat -->Logstash--> Elastic Search -->Kibana, it is working good, but we have the requirement to use Solr instead of Elastic Search, while researching on internet i found about Silk and also something about http_solr plugin.

Can i configure like this : Filebeat -->Logstash-->Solr -->Kibana ? Kibana supports Solr instead of Elastic Search?

Please give some suggestions.


Kibana requires Elasticsearch and does not support Solr.

Thanks for reply christian,

even if i use solr_http plugin like this, i cannot use Solr with Kibana? File -> Logstash -->Solr --> Kibana ?

output {
#stdout { codec => rubydebug }
solr_http {
solr_url => "http://SOLR_HOST:8983/solr/logs"

i am not familiar with this logstash solr_http plugin, please advise? . I saw some project in Lucidworks about Silk (Logstash --> Solr--> Banana), but after i download the project and trying to setup i am facing some issues.

PLease suggest what is correct way.


Sorry Christian,
can you please respond to my previous message.

hi leela,

yes, you can do file > logstash > solr (using solr-http output) but use banana ui instead for reporting.
kibana doesnt support solr connections.

btw, what are the issues you are encountering when using solr_http output?