How much work will it take to make Kibana work with solr?

I know that Lucidworks made two projects Banana and SiLK for that purpose, but these projects are working on old versions of kibana. So I'm wondering, how much work will it take to make the latest version of kibana work with solr?

As Kibana is tightly integrated with Elasticsearch and its APIs, I would suspect that to require a lot of effort. It is probably easier to migrate from Solr to Elasticsearch...

Thank you @Christian_Dahlqvist for your reply.
Migrating from Solr to Elasticsearch would come with high cost as we are working on multiple clusters and the subscription for Elasticsearch would be very expensive.
If you worked on such projects, would you elaborate how complicated is it to make kibana work with solr?

I am not sure how much effort Lucidworks spent on forking and adapting Kibana into Banana, but recall it took a long time, so I would not expect it to be easy. A lot of functionality has been added to Elasticsearch and Kibana since then so I would suspect it is now even more work required. I have never worked with Solr, so can not provide any guidance.

Thank you so much for your help @Christian_Dahlqvist

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