User-friendly option to do large filtering with an option to save the queries

Hi, ours is a log analytics solution. I have received a feature request to provide a way where users can provide many filter strings (both include and exclude category). For e.g. assume there are a million log messages, as the user analyses the issues, he may want to filter in or filter out particular strings.
I understand we have "Add a filter" option on Kibana using which users can add whatever filters are needed. But its not convenient to define say a 50 odd strings at run-time.
Here the ask would be that, we have a pre-defined set of filters which the user can start with and then should be able to modify with ease.

Right now I am thinking, I will create a separate web-page where user can specify the search strings and the web-page will create and open the kibana link with those filters set.

Are there better options available that I am unaware of?
Thank You.

There's the controls visualization if you are working on a dashboard. Is that kind of what you're talking about?

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