Using colour values from within the Document itself

Hi, I have an index containing multipolygons, it renders very well using Kibana maps.
However I would like to colour them. Using the colour-by-value works but only for the first x (based on the color bar chosen. (10 or 20 or 30)


Once the first (10 or 20 or 30) have been colourised, all the rest get stuck on the same colour

To attempt to work around this I've added a colour field into the index

And I've defined the index_pattern like so..

But it appears to ignore the actual value. If I use a Custom Colour palete it shows this

So you can see it is not viewing the RGB value as a colour but instead a string.

Just need some guidance on whether what I'm trying to do is...

  1. Not possible
  2. I'm mis-applying the Color Format in the Index
  3. Something is incorrectly configured so it isn't detecting the field content as an RGB value?
  4. storing the colour value incorrectly

If what I'm trying to do isn't possible then what is the likelyhood in getting the colour map to wrap once it gets to the color limit (10,20 or 30)?


It is not possible to directly use a field value as the color displayed in the map.

Can you describe your use case? Why are you trying to visualize so many categories? How will wrapping the color ramp help since you would then have many colors associated with a single color.

Hi Nathan,
Here's an image of what I am trying to achieve

This is using the 10 color map, but contains 13 polygons. polygons 10,11,12,13 are all the same colour orange.
Not too bad in this example as none of them share a boundary, but demonstrates the problem.

Hi @Nathan_Reese Does my use case make sense? Do you have any suggestions?

I would recommend using a scale that shows 20 colors to avoid duplicates. If you have more then 30 values, you can use a custom color ramp to set each color. I would question a use case where you are showing more then 30 colors on a map as at that point, its hard for users to match colors to a legend and keep which colors match which keys difficult to follow.

Hi @Nathan_Reese I'm aware I can go to 20 to solve that image, but my example was just that, an example.

My original post was about the problem when there are more than 30 and it doesn't wrap.

I think thats the pivotal point, you are expecting my use-case to fall into one that uses colours to match against a legend.

That is not what I'm looking for, I merely need to colourise polygons differently so that the colours are not the same for adjoining shapes. I cannot guarantee that there will always be less than 30 polygons on screen at any one time, and why should we have to? The Kibana system is a lovely product and handles 100s of polygons without breaking a sweat.

I'm just trying to get them differently coloured so polygons No.31 -> No.327 aren't all orange.

A Custom colour map is a possible solution, but I would be effectively saying
map "colour" : "#8a3d4f" to colour #8a4d4f and repeat that for every possible colour I want. We can certainly generate that table, but that has a bit of smell to it...

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