Using keyword type for mapping

I cxreate indices on daily base. I use the same mapping types for all of them. Mapping contains 23 fields. 6 of them are keyword. Also I prepared index pattern to process them together. I coilected data for several days and I found the following problem.
Keyword fields may be represented by 2 fields like
where fieldA.keyword is aggregatabke and fieldA is not or by one field fieldA where fieldA is aggregatable.

As a result I could not combine these data to the same dashboard

I found that including daily indices into Kibana. Why does it happen and how to avoid it?

I use version 6.2.3

Thank you in advance,


Probably because you sent a document which contains a field fieldA which was not part of your mapping so elasticsearch tried to guess automatically which ended up with the 2 fields.

You can reject such documents by using a strict mapping if you wish.

More information at

Thanks for quick reply. I appreciate it.

It sounds reasonable but this is not a case unfortunately. All fields and their types belong to pre-defined mapping json-object. According to nature of documents each document contains subset of these fields but each field of any document belongs to this mapping json-object. I use Node,js (elasticsearch module) to create mapping, indices and insert documents to Elasticsearch. I checked in Kibana that types of all fields correspond to types I set in mapping for each field but fields with a keyword type sometimes (every 1-3 days) may be changed and have extra field - field.keyword or vise versa field.keyword may disappear and original field became aggregatable. As a result index pattern in Kibana get yellow status and visualizations have lack of data.

Can you share the index templates you have if any?
Can you share a "normal" mapping and a "bad" one?

I've got "normal" ('use_name') and "bad" (user_name, username.keyword) mapping results using the same mapping json-object (based on mapping (user_name: { type: 'keyword' }) in Node.js. It happened when I created a new index and sent mapping for this index. I implemented index template and sent mapping just one time creating this template. After that new indices re-used this mapping. After these changes i see just "normal" mapping on Kibana side at least for a couple days since I implemented it. You may find my mapping below. A code below is a part of Node.js

. . .
const mappings = {
log: {
properties: {
ts: { type: 'date' },
opID: { type: 'keyword' },
trqID: { type: 'keyword' },
pmID: { type: 'keyword' },
vpID: { type: 'keyword' },
user_name: { type: 'keyword' },
tpath: { type: 'keyword' },
retCode: { type: 'integer' },
fd: { type: 'integer' },
length: { type: 'long' },
offset: { type: 'long' },
read_size: { type: 'long' },
write_size: { type: 'long' },
flags: { type: 'integer' },
mode: { type: 'integer' },
old_tpath: { type: 'text' },
new_tpath: { type: 'text' },
mount_path: { type: 'text' },
truncate: { type: 'long' },
devType: {type: 'integer' },
uid: { type: 'integer' },
gid: { type: 'integer' },
stpath: { type: 'text' },
dtpath: { type: 'text' },
atime: {
type: 'nested',
properties: {
sec: { type: 'long' },
nsec: { type: 'long' },
mtime: {
type: 'nested',
properties: {
sec: { type: 'long' },
nsec: { type: 'long' },

. . .

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You may find my mapping below

Actually, I'd like you to run:

GET indek_ok/_mapping
GET indek_ko/_mapping


GET _templates

I updated my code implementing index-template and I don't see this behavior anymore. Current mapping doesn't contain field types like field.keyword. Nevertheless I still could not explain this behavior. I updated my post.

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