Using the "" container registry behind a firewall

Hi everyone, I am looking for guidance on how to properly access the "" CR behind a corporate firewall.

This question was already posed back in 2020, but never answered. Here's that original topic.

What I did find out so far is that the index seems to be at "" and a needed auth endpoint is found at "", those two can be whitelisted for outgoing traffic without a problem. But then clients are pointed at seemingly random and everchanging CDN endpoints, all under "*". Our enterprise security team forbids us from whitelisting all of Amazon CloudFront in certain networks, where we plan to use Logstash.

Are there any other options, like a dedicated data endpoint?

Thanks in advance,

Is using Docker Hub an option? The images of Elasticsearch, Kibana, Logstash,... get mirrored there. For example Docker

I don't think changes to the backend of are currently planned.

That works for us, thank you! We weren't aware of the parameters allowing for changing the registry used by the charts.

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