Using XPack Auth behind Apache Proxy

Hi everyone,

as title says, i'm trying to connect my Elasticsearch server and Kibana Dashboard to XPack through Apache Proxy.

I inserted these URLs in Proxy configuration:

ProxyPass /login ip:port/login
ProxyPassReverse /login ip:port/login

ProxyPass /app/kibana ip:port/app/kibana
ProxyPassReverse /app/kibana ip:port/app/kibana

and other more links to make all working (I can't post the whole configuration).

When i try to reach my Kibana path from my personal laptop, Apache proxy returns the correct login page to me.

Here is the problem: when i login with correct credentials, something goes wrong and Apache Proxy doesn't return my Kibana dashboard to me.

Locally, everything works fine. I think it's a redirect problem, isn't it?

NB. Sorry for my bad english.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Giuseppe, could you take a look at these related posts and see if they help you?


Hi CJ,

thanks for your reply!

I tried your solutions but the first one doesn't work and the second one is not the solution i want. I don't want an Apache authentication (if possible).

Thank you so much

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