Value of .keyword in discover for existing indices


I have existing indices with type text and .keyword.
I do not see value of .keyword in discover. How can I see the value for .keyword in discover?

I see only one option - reindex old indices with new mapping . Is there any other option to avoid reindex?

Hi @xyz2,

Do you see the .keyword field in your Kibana index pattern for the relevant indices? If you've changed your mappings, you may need to refresh the index pattern by clicking the icon at the top of the index pattern page.

Multi-fields are listed separately in Kibana's index patterns because they relate to your mappings: there's one entry for each field. However, Discover is just going to display the value from the _source once, since multi-fields do not change the original _source field.

In other words, if you had fields foo.type and foo.keyword, the values are identical: the only difference is how they are indexed and/or analyzed.

That said, while Discover only shows you the field once, you can still filter in the query bar based on specific field types, e.g. foo.text:"bar" or foo.keyword:"foo bar"


Yes , when I un-select the option "Hide missing fields" , I see .keyword fields as well.
Note I have set "store":true for .keyword in new mapping template. So for new indexes, I see the value for .keyword.
But for old indexes, I do not. Is there a way(other than reindexing old indices) to see .keyword values for old indexes as well in discover?

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