Values not displaying on chart


My requirement is i have a jenkins job which is running every five min's with curl command to get jenkins responce times and that logs been forwarded to elastic search using logstash plugin.
I have created a kiana visualization but i tried with many options to display jenkins reaction time on bar but that is not happening.

Could you please let us know if that is possible ?
Thanks in Advance !!!

Could you add some examples of what the data in Elasticsearch looks like?

Hello @lukas,
Thanks for your reply

Hmm. We are forwarding jenkins job console output to elastic database and in kibana we are fetching jenkins response time using "message.keyword" by including values (0.,1...etc). Y-axis aggregation i selected as "count" i can able to display the count in bar but not the values. Please find attachment for more details.
Could you please suggest which option can be chosen. i tried all the option but i could not able to figure out.

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