Vega visualisation

Someone know maybe how use to dynamic visualise connections when I have ip_src and ip_dst fields in each of logs? Kibana documentation regarding vega is very minimalistic and I don't know how to do it :(.

Hi @cyberzlo,
Kibana docs related to Vega is minimalistic because there aren't many Kibana specific configurations that can be applied to a Vega spec except the data part that accepts ES queries (with ES specific DSL) and few filters configuration. Everything else is pure Vega specification that can be retrieved from as you already did.

In your case seems that you have to add an ES query that returns all the edges, so every link between ip_src and ip_dst and all the nodes (every IPs available)
Then you reuse the vega example and tweak the marks and scapes specs to follow your conventions. You can also try to start working from the Vega online editor changing the data spec to something that can resemble your data work from there.

Basically the Kibana Vega plugin is a Vega visualization with the ability to add an ES query as part of the specification

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