Verify x-pack running


Already have a production cluster on which X-Pack is installed and running. But some logstash nodes are not showing in the monitoring tab. So how can I log into specific logstash nodes to verify if x-pack is running? Assuming that is what is causing this problem.

Has anybody else experienced something similar?


You should be able to query the X-Pack API to see if it's enabled.

curl -u elastic -XGET http://localhost:9200/_xpack?pretty

You will get an index_not_found_exception error if x-pack isn't enabled.

Thanks @joshbressers that seemed to prove that x-pack is running on the elastic search nodes. But the problem I have is not knowing how I might do something similar on a logstash node. On one logstash node it is running and I can see that node in the Kibana monitor tab. However, it might not be running on my other logstash node as I cannot see that node in the monitor tab. However, I would like to be able to diagnose the issue on the logstash node which is not visible in the monitor tab.

Logstash has some APIs you can query. This page has various details documented that may help you.

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