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Hello, but Im a Veteran and A contractor. I recently got access to the Elastic training subscription for veterans. I got this because my work requires that we get certified to work on a product before we can get administrative function of it. So the Elastic Engineer course is in the subscription training but not the Veteran Subscription course........ What in the world, it has 12 classes all of them are the free training except for the Kibana analytics one that is 24 hours. This is good for information but why does a 4600 training package not have the certification training?

Hi Michael,
Our veteran subscription is tailored towards Kibana training and it is not a full paid training subscription. The veterans subscription is a free service to veterans but it doesn't include exams just the same as our basic subscription.
If you wish for your company to purchase the certification exam on your behalf this option is available on our website.
Best, Rocio Diskin

Hello Michael,
Thank you for posting. Please reach out to me directly- if you would like to discuss further. I would happy to help connect you with someone who can get you set up to take the exam; however, this will not be covered by the free veterans training program.
Please reach out!

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