"Visual Builder": Aggregation - Calculation breaks graph into unconnected points

I'm generating a nice graph with Kibana on a linear data that has timestamp and number of used items. Using the Visual Builder i can generate a nice looking graph, which count's as well . However i am applying a count Aggregation o that i can pipe the count and divided by 3.

Doing this breaks the graph so that not all point's are connected. I wanted to use the .fit() but it doesn't seem that i can use that function in "painless Script"

Appreciate any help.

It sounds like this won't be supported - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/11793 has a pretty detailed explanation surrounding it and a suggestion to use timelion's fit function or kibana's line chart.

Anecdotally I've found setting my own time interval instead of auto if I know how often the data is pushed helps get the lines connected again.

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