Kibana 6.3: Connecting data points in TimeSeries in 'Visual Builder'

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I am creating some time series plots in Visual Builder. The data points are connected when the x-axis time unit is large; but as I zoom in (finer resolution in x-axis), I only see the dots.




Is there a way to keep the data points connected across all resolutions?



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I tried this in my local and my chart looks like yours.
@simianhacker is this possible right now?


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The issue here is that you've zoomed past the resolution of your data. There is a setting under Panel Options that allows you to change the interval. If you use the >= and then the minimum resolution the data should be viewed as then you won't have this issue. For example, if I had event data that was collected and shipped every 10 seconds then I would set the interval to >=10s. Which means use auto bucketing for everything greater or equal to 10s.

As for "just" connecting the dots... the issue with that is outlined in and

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