Visual Builder shows wrong data


I'm new to Kibana and using the cloud ELK 6.4.
I installed MetricBeat on 2 platforms (dev and prod) which created some dashboard in Kibana (which is great!).

But I have an issue with some graphs. My 2 envs have the same index (metricbeat-*) maybe that's the issue... I use 'fields' to filter data from one or the other env.

Anyway here's the problem. Below the time serie for the Last 15 min

You can see that there's a missing point for the prod env.
As a result my gauges are wrong :

And if I change the time to Last 30 min it's ok :

Then the gauges are ok too.

Any thoughts ?


@simianhacker - can u plz help in this TSVB q when u have some time ? Thanks

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