Visualising Polygons (geoshapes) in Kibana 4 - Tile map

Hi all, I'm finding it difficult visualising polygons in Kibana 4 (Tile Map). I already imported some sample data; created index in ES with data type set to geo_shape. Did same for point data (geo_point) and that went easy. But for polygons, the available bucket aggregation (Geohash) seem to support only field types (geo_point). I found this discussion tread on Github, but not quite clear how he got the polygons display. Can someone please help with this? Thanks

They forked and customized Kibana to do that.

Thanks @Tanya for clarifying this. This means Tile map doesn't yet support bucketing of geoshapes or polygons?

Not yet. I'd +1 or comment on that ticket you linked to in Gitbub, if you're interested in seeing this in the product. Or submit a PR :smile: