Visualization exploads space use after 5.4.3

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It seems that sometime after 5.4.3, the space that surrounds a metric visualization increased very much.
We went to 5.5.2 that saw this issue of a default interval (0,0) always there and that the visualization
did not fit its original space. In 5.6.1 the default interval presentation is a bit different and we do not see the interval switch handle, but still simple aggreagation of two numbers takes a lot of space - notice the added scrollbar on the dashboard. (bootstrap and accessability gone too far ?-).

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Hi Olav,

I am going to take a look at this in local and also am tagging the viz team here. Will keep you posted.

cc @thomasneirynck


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thanks for logging. In 5.5, Kibana expanded the chart offering and this caused positioning issues with the metrics. There was an initial fix in 5.5.3/5.6.1 that addressed most of this issue. In that light, the whitespace in that screenshot seems a little extreme, for comparison, here's a screenshot I took.

We'll continue to look into this and return to better positioning soon, thx

cc @ppisljar

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